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The Happy Family Dynamic - remembering to support each member of the family.

When we are caring for a child with challenging behavioural issues the whole family unit is impacted. 

Emotional outbursts, tantrums and physical volatility may be a daily experience within the family, causing ongoing stress and tension.

We as parents and caregivers pool all available resources to do our best to manage a situation which may appear to have no immediate resolution.

In these situations we may experience: 

  • Constant worry leading to mental and emotional exhaustion
  • Depletion of energy which has a physical, mental and emotional impact
  • Isolation as individuals due to exhaustion and loss of confidence
  • Isolation as a family from friends and extended family
  • Having to deal with daily problems that occur at school
  • One parent or caregiver having to take extended leave from work
  • The effects of the drain on finances

Overall we have an unhappy family dynamic 

With all attention and resources apparently directed towards one individual in the family, other members in our family may feel ignored. Adult partnerships are put under strain/pressure, with blame, guilt and resentment common issues while siblings may feel isolated and their needs overlooked.

Family outings to the shops, to see friends or extended family may well be impossible and the family may seldom receive visitors due to the unpredictable behaviour of one member. The family as a whole may well feel  trapped and socially isolated.

In the midst of this often overwhelming and all consuming situation, with time and finances stretched to the limit, it is of course easy for us to overlook the health needs of the rest of the family including ourselves.

Each member of the family, both adult and child, deserves support and understanding.  If we are each able to gain an increased sense of calm and wellbeing then we will have more energy to manage ongoing stress and challenges.  Attention to everyone’s health is vital and can only enhance relationships within the family unit and lead ultimately to a calmer, healthier family dynamic. 

One way to address this is through individual in depth homeopathic consultation and sessions of biodynamic craniosacral therapy (BCST) as offered at Mind Body and Me. Both homeopathy and BCST take into account physical, mental and emotional aspects of our state of health.  

The whole family dynamic will benefit from:

  • Members feeling calmer
  • Feeling mentally, physically and emotionally stronger
  • Being better able to handle challenges when they occur
  • Confidence in supporting individuals within the family
  • Confidence in dealing with situations outside the family

Everyone benefits from proactive attention to their health as individuals, including the child in our care who we are trying to help and understand. We want a better quality of life for everyone.  

Remembering to support each member of the family is a step closer to a happier family dynamic.

Trudi Gourdie
MSc (Hons), PhD (Chem), Dip Hom 

Sandra Lundgren
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy


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