Myofascial Release (MFR)

MFR is a type of a massage that uses gentle to firmer strokes to stretch, lengthen and release the fascia in areas that are feeling tight and sticky. Fascia is a web-like layer of connective tissue. The first layer is just under the skin, it connects and wraps around muscles and groups of muscles, joints, blood vessels as well as our internal organ and binds them together. Muscle tension is common and it can be because of restricted fascia. This can reduce the blood flow, limit range of movement, cause pain and over longer time it can have an effect on your posture. Stress, injuries, accidents, emotions, lack of sleep and habits can be some of the reason for this.

How can it help you?

As the fascial system is spread out throughout the body, by releasing one area, eg lower back, it has a ripple effect and can also release other areas like the legs, abdominals and or up in the neck. By freeing up the fascia, this allows the muscles in the body to move more freely and efficiently. The tissue can slide and glide more which help to increase the elimination of toxins in the body. When you have less tightness in the body your overall health is greater. The slow strokes also give you a great sense of relaxing.

MFR can be helpful when you experience:

Sciatica, Back pain, Frozen shoulder, Repetitive strain injury, Sprain, Whiplash, Neck pain, TMJ, Headaches, Oedema, Plantar fasciitis, Knee pain and other concerns, symptoms and discomfort.

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