The Integration of BCST (Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy) and Homeopathy

We have found throughout our practice that the use of Homeopathy and BCST alongside each other can really benefit the client. Both BCST and Homeopathy are subtle and gentle therapies which work well together, complementing each other in helping to address physical, mental and emotional issues.

BCST can help to release stressful events held in the tissues and facilitate relaxation throughout the body while allowing the client to become more self aware physically and emotionally. Homeopathy can help address those repeated patterns laid down in both the mind and body.

The integrative approach of combining these gentle and effective therapies can therefore be very beneficial for the client. Via confidential consultation between the Homeopath and the BCST therapist, greater holistic insight can be gained in order to work towards more health and balance.

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