The Integration of BCST (Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy) and Homeopathy

We have found throughout our practice that the use of Homeopathy and BCST alongside each other can really benefit the client. Both BCST and Homeopathy are subtle and gentle therapies which work well together, complementing each other in helping to address physical, mental and emotional issues.

BCST can help to release stressful events held in the tissues and facilitate relaxation throughout the body while allowing the client to become more self aware physically and emotionally. Homeopathy can help address those repeated patterns laid down in both the mind and body.

The integrative approach of combining these gentle and effective therapies can therefore be very beneficial for the client. Via confidential consultation between the Homeopath and the BCST therapist, greater holistic insight can be gained in order to work towards more health and balance.

What they are saying

I got a spinal cord injury at 34 years old and was told I would never walk again by doctors and surgeons. Slowly I started to walk and regain movement but suffered extreme back pain and issues associated.

I have tried a few treatments through Trudi and Sandra - cranial, homeopathy, massage, myofascial release and the results have been outstanding - I only need to go once every two to three weeks and I'm pain free!

I am so happy with the sessions, they have truly changed my life and helped my recovery and progress so much!
Highly recommended by me!

CL - Auckland, NZ

My daughter had an extremely traumatic birth and suffered a one off brain injury due to lack of oxygen and born premature.
She was diagnosed at 10 months with Cerebral palsy and unable to meet any milestones including standing and walking.

We have worked with Sandra since she was about a year old and the results have been great to relieve tension and pressure in her head and relax her body and tight muscles!

Highly recommended for children with CP or associated disabilities. We have seen a more relaxed child, behaviour and sleep patterns improve and even the brain connecting to the muscles in her eyes gets better.

Grateful mum - Sandringham, Auckland

I was introduced to Mind Body and Me by my daughter, whose firmly held belief that the body can heal itself is a potent driver for her families health care. She supported my seeking an alternative to prednisone (prescribed by my GP) as treatment for Polymyalgia Rheumatica (diagnosed in March 2016)

Now 4 months (since engaging with MBandM) I am free of the crippling pain, discomfort and distress I experienced with the onset of PMR.

The MBandM combined/tandem therapy of these two practitioners, has been greatly enhanced by their way of ongoing contact throughout this time span, proving to be a major ingredient of my recovery, inspiring confidence and peace of mind; reinforcing the belief that one can indeed heal oneself!

I want also mention the referral to Perry - for the quality of her skills, her nutritional guidance and the dietary supplements; all have clearly played and integral part of my recovery.

The Homeopathy too has it's subtlety - and I can definitely acknowledge a 'sense of things falling into place' Trudi!!!

I have been presented with a challenging learning experience, and I always relish such opportunities!!! As an elderly woman, whose usual good health and energy was sapped by PMR to a level of exhaustion unknown to me - I have regained enthusiasm and energy, although not quite sufficient to enable a full return to my beloved garden!

Challenged and learning, Auckland

I have had many massages over the years but none as thorough and healing as those I have had with Sandra Lundgren.

Sandra is genuinely caring and adjusts the massage to the particular needs of her client. Nothing is too much trouble.

Right from the first massage I felt totally comfortable and relaxed in her caring hands.

Massage client

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