World Organic

Sandra is a consultant for a NZ owned company called World Organic.

World Organic offers a high quality, certified organic range of affordable products including face creams, shower gels, soap, essential oils and make up.

World Organic is working toward a better planet by using organic plants and herbs as well as recycled paper and vegetable ink for their packaging etc. wherever possible.

These non animal tested products are suitable for all ages and skin types, even those with sensitive or troubled skin.

Through their Community Farming practices, World Organic has brought communities in India together by pooling resources and increasing incomes for instance.

If you are Interested in hosting a WO party, get your friends together and do something fun and different. An hour or two in the evening or afternoon, this is a great way to get your host gift and amazing free and half price products. To find out more about these great offers please contact Sandra directly for more information.

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